By keeping your childhood sexual abuse a secret, you are protecting the perpetrator.


About Us

We believe when we help an individual, it allows us to strengthen the family unit which ultimately changes the dynamics within the community.
You NEVER have to Fight ALONE.

Services are free!

Florida / Georgia

Who We Are

Hosanna4youth is friendly, approachable, and discreet; we meet you where you’re at in/on your journey and we walk the nonjudgmental path with you!

Angine Moss, Hosanna4Youth’s founder and CEO, was a victim of molestation by different family members from age 2-8 years old and raped by a trusted family friend at the age of 11. Her lived experiences took her through a lot of turmoil. As an adult, she sought therapy and at that time vowed she was going to take back her life by becoming the (s)hero she needed when she was child!

Officially, in December 2009, Angine, with the help of a friend penned Hosanna4Youth, a 501C3 nonprofit organization. They chose the name Hosanna because its meaning of “Please save us” in reference to the silent cries of youth in our community impacted by incest, molestation and rape by a family member or trusted family friend. Hosanna4Youth was built on the foundation of the number four. They used the number four instead of the word for because a house has 4 walls. They believe most of the issues plaguing youth of today are within the home.

Research has proven that the number four means mental stability, self-fulfillment, self-expression and maturity. A year has four seasons, and it represents one perfect circle, number four comes to your life to remind you that your life finally has a higher sense and purpose.

With that, Hosanna4Youth has promised to stand on these four pillars: EDUCATION, ADVOCACY, RESOURCES and SUPPORT, so no victim will ever have to heal alone.


To make a positive impact within the lives of “ALL” people considered at risk by offering programs geared towards mental health, physical wellness, and personal development.


To better the communities in which we work, live and play by first helping the people within those communities.


Our philanthropic policies promote the well being of our community & society as a whole with positive influences both ethically and economically.


A conglomerate of resources is provided to satisfy the needs of both individuals and families who have survived any form of abuse. The first step is getting help.

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