Our programs are free and fully customized to the needs of the participant and their family.

We are all E.A.R.S.
to our community!


Speaking Presentations (In-person and online) Informational Materials (Broachures, Videos, and more)


Community Outreach/Events (Organizations, Businesses, Schools and Churches)


Clinical Connections, Community Partnerships, Local/National Organizations


Mental Support, Emotional Support, Mentorship, Life Skills and Accountability Partner

Current Programs

The Conversation

EXPOSED The Conversation is a program for ALL AGES impacted by incest, molestation and rape by a family member or trusted family friend, human trafficking, and/or domestic violence.


Peer-led safe space for LGBTQ+ youth ages 8-17 that facilitates the inclusion of sexual identity.

Maximized Fitness

A comprehensive mental and physical approach healthier way of living that engages the entire family.


TOUCHED is (All ages Female Support Group)


MEN is (All ages Male Support Group)


TOUCHED is (All ages Female Support Group)

Heart 2 Heart Sessions

Heart 2 Heart is One on One 45-minute Session for specific topics.

Family Chat & Chew

Family Chat & Chew is a One hour Family session to have an unfiltered truth talk.

HEART Scholarship

Heart Scholarship is a $150 Self Care Scholarship available to participant to apply once completed all sessions.

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Are you or someone you know being abused?
Were you a victim of childhood sexual abuse?