Support Hosanna 4 Youth’s Mission

Hosanna 4 Youth is a 100% volunteer-run organization

This means ALL of the money we raise goes directly to the programs and events to benefit survivors of incest and sexual abuse. And the more money we can raise, the more lives we can transform. Through the help and support of understanding individuals, corporate sponsors and other funders like you, we are able to lift abuse survivors up to give them hope and let them know there is a path to a new future.


To make a positive impact within the lives of “ALL” people considered at risk by offering programs geared towards mental health, physical wellness, and personal development.


To better the communities in which we work, live and play by first helping the people within those communities.


Our philanthropic policies promote the well being of our community & society as a whole with positive influences both ethically and economically.


A conglomerate of resources is provided to satisfy the needs of both individuals and families who have survived any form of abuse. The first step is getting help.

If you are moved to help our mission, you can:

Visit Us In Person to leave a donation:

5544 Pembroke Road
West Park, FL 33023

Contribute by Phone

Phone: (954) 300-1370


Are you or someone you know being abused?
Were you a victim of childhood sexual abuse?